All non citizens of Solomon Islands other than Government Employees, diplomatic staff, Commonwealth government employees and children under 18 years are required by Law to apply for work permit in Solomon Islands. 




  1. Application form (completed & signed)
  2.  Application fee receipt
  3.  One Passport size photo (black & white or colour)
  4.  Copy of foreign Investment registration certificate (FIRC)
  5. Company registration certificateCopy of documentation asserting applicant is a legal representative of the investor ( if applicant name is not listed on FIRC)


  1. Application form (completed & signed )
  2. Application fee receipt
  3. One passport size photograph (black & white or colour)
  4. Copy of employment contract
  5. Resume/bio-data
  6. Copies of applicant’s degree & certificates (if applicable)
  7. At least one reference letter from a recent employer
  8. Copy of FIRC approval (If employer is a foreign investor )
  9.  Employment organization chart
  10.  Copy of Localization Training Programme
  11.  Copy of business registration certificate (if employer is 100% locally owned business).



  1. Application form ( completed & signed )
  2. Application fee receipt
  3. Original work permit


  1. Application form ( completed & signed )
  2. Application fee receipt
  3. Original work permit
  4. Report explaining how conditions prescribed in original work permit have been addressed.


Work Permit Application Form $5.00
Work Permit Application Fee $200.00
Work Permit Approval Fees
Less than 3 Months $150.00
> 3 Months but < 6 Months $200.00
> 6 Months but < 8 Months $350.00
> 8 Months but < 12 Months $500.00
> 12 Months but < 15 Months $650.00
> 15 Months but < 18 Months $950.00
> 18 Months but < 20 Months $1,000.00
> 20 Months but < 24 Months $1,100.00
Appeal Fee $500.00
Variation Fee $500.00
Application fee under rule 2(2)(a) $280.00
Application fee under rule 2(2)(b)-  $100.00
Application fee under rule 2(2)(c)  $500.00
Work Permit fee for 3 months or Less  $350.00
Work Permit fee (from over 3 months to 6 months)  $500.00
Work Permit fee (from over 6 months to 9 months)  $650.00
Work Permit fee (from over 9 months to 12 months)  $1,000.00
Work Permit fee (from over 12 months to 15 months  $1,100.00
Work Permit fee from over 15 months to 18 months)  $1,100.00
Work Permit free (form over 18 months to 21 Months  $1,350.00
Work Permit fee (from over 21 Months to 24 months)  $1,800.00
Approval fee under sub-rule 2(2)(b)  $2,500.00
An Immigrant whose application has been approved  $8,000.00
Under rule 2(4) (additional to relevant work permit fee)
Replacement of lost or defaced work permit under rule 3  $1,100.00
Variation of permit under rule 7 (3)  $1,000.00
Appeal fee under rule 8  $1,500.00


The employer or the applicant should ensure that:-

a. The prospective employee is outside Solomon Islands at the time of the application; or

b. If the application is for the renewal of an existing permit it may be made with person present in Solomon Islands or in any case if the applicant is for the spouse of a person entitled to be resident;

c. If the applicant is for a change of employer or business then the person should be outside Solomon Islands when the application is made unless the change is or a transfer to employment exempted from the need to obtain a permit;

d. A separate application for entry and residence permit must made to the Director of Immigration.

e. All work permit applications must be submitted on form 1 along with appropriate fees. The form must be completed properly to prove and clearly demonstrate that:-

  • There are no trained Solomon Islanders who can do the Job, or
  •  If there are, that none is available, and;
  • The proposed immigrant worker is properly qualified to the job and has the required experience.

f. The form is to be thoroughly completed by either the employer or the employee. It must be accompanied by all supporting documents, qualifications, reference letters, CVs, Organization Chart, localization training programs and projections and evidences of the post/job being advertised locally including evidence of and reasons for rejecting of local applicants.

g.Submit the form with all documents to the Commissioner of Labour with a copy of receipt of application fee paid. A covering letter to offer further explanation to the application would be preferred.


The following steps shall be taken to obtain a work permit:-

a) Receipt of applications by the office of the Commissioner of Labour with appropriate fees;

b) The Commissioner of Labour assess the application;

c) The Commissioner of Labour issues a letter confirming accepting the applicants application in principle or alternatively a refusal;

d) Applicants should attach letter of approval from the Foreign Investment Division and details of the organization they are going to work in Solomon Islands;

e) Applicants should note that:-

  1. Shareholding or ownership whether in full or part does not in itself give an automatic right to permit being granted, and
  2. If any relevant information is withheld or false information, given the application will almost certainly rejected.

f) Processing time – 7 days (investors) & 14 days (foreign worker)



  1. An approval in principle will be issued to the applying party.
  2. The applicant will be required to pay the work permit fee and submit other details stated in the approval letter.
  3.  Permit will then be processed, properly registered, signed and passed on to the Director of Immigration for his formalities.
  4. The applicant is advised by letter of this transaction


  1. A letter of rejection will be issued which will also advise the applicant of the appeal provision in the Law to the Minister responsible for Labour.
  2. An appeal shall be lodged within 14 days of notification of the rejection by the Commissioner.
  3. An appeal is to be paid to the Solomon Islands government when lodging an appeal letter.
  4. The Minister has 28 days to make a decision and convey it to the applicant.
  5. The Minister usually instructs the Commissioner of Labour to do so, if he decided favorably on the appeal, he would give instructions to formally grant a work permit to the applicant. At this point all the same formalities as in decision (A) will apply.
  6. If he rejects the appeal he would give instructions to that effect to the Commissioner of Labour to advise the applicant.