Greetings and welcome to Solomon Islands Labour Division.

Commissioner of Labour
Mr. Josiah Manehia, Commissioner of Labour.

The Labour Division is one of the major Divisions within the ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration. The Labour Division is headed by the Commissioner of Labour. And who is empowered to oversee the employment and labour activity in Solomon Islands. The Commissioner, is a custodian and enforcer of Seven (7) separates Acts of Parliament, Specifically;
1. Employment Act.
2. Labour Act.
3. Trade Disputes Act.
4. Unfair Dismissal Act.
5. Workman's Compensation Act.
6. Safety at Work Act.
7. Trade Unions Act and 26 Subsidiary regulations.

It is however, a great challenge to the Commissioner's office to ensure enforcement and compliance to these regulations are maintained from time to time.
The Acts and regulations are pivotally enforced by different Units within the Labour Division, namely; Employment Unit, Industrial Relations Unit, Occupational Health and Safety, and International Labour Standards & Prosecution Unit. These Units are sanctioned with specific mandated powers to implement the legislation in their own areas of operation and expertise. These Units are governed and mandated with powers that cover their jurisdictions. Each Unit is headed by a Head of Unit specifically responsible for a range of functions that ultimately strive to achieve the aspirations embedded in the policies of any current government of the day.

Labour Division officers have been placed with lots of legal responsibilities. At times are faced with defaults in performing some of the duties that needs public information and awareness, especially in terms of providing awareness, and general information on our day to day operation to the public at large.

By establishing this medium, it will immensely help the division to render services to a large majority who may wish to seek for information related to the Labour Administration in Solomon Islands, as well as to locate the relevant laws related to the work of Employment and Labour in Solomon Islands.

The office of the Commissioner of Labour therefore welcomes the public and wish to plea for your usual cooperation with our Division for us to work together for the Betterment of our Country Solomon Islands. God bless our Happy Iles.

Tagio tumas an Welkam.