Legal minimum wage is now under review

Permanent Secretary (PS) Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration George Kosui says, setting a new legal minimum wage for the country remains a priority for his Ministry.

He revealed this following concerns raised by critics who are eager to know, when the ministry would fulfill its promises made to the Public Accounts Committee in April last year.

The Ministry had told the Public Accounts Committee that, it was reviewing the current minimum wage with the view of amending it.

The review is intended to raise the legal minimum wage, so that low income earners are able to cope with the high cost of living being experienced in the country.

In the meantime, Mr Kosui said, the only thing left in the review process is to finalise its findings and conclusions, before going for the amendment of the Labour Act to provide for the recommended new legal minimum wage.

The Permanent Secretary has hinted that the current minimum wage of $4 per hour is likely to be increased to $7.20 per hour but that proposal has yet to be finalized.

Mr Kosui said the tripartite consultation on the issue of minimum legal wage was successfully held, thus the public can be rest assured that a new legal minimum wage rate will come into effect this year.


(Solomon Star News)
Published: 06 January 2016